Vinyl Wraps and Paint Protection Film

Vinyl Car Wraps

What is a better way to customize a car than to treat it to a custom vinyl car wrap?

Car wraps are large decals applied right over a vehicle’s original paint, allowing easy appliance and/or removal.

Stylish, eye-catching, and cool, a brand new colorful car wrapping can make any car stand out in the crowd. Tyler Detail is unrivaled when it comes to applying the perfect wrap. After we learn exactly
what you’re looking for during a consultation, we get to work on
your vision. Quality is always our highest priority and we will do whatever it takes to deliver a wrap that you’ll absolutely love.

We are thrilled to offer
• gloss,
• matte,
• satin
• flat vinyl
• colored chrome

The choice is yours! Here at Tyler Detail there’s nothing we like better than a good looking car!

vinyl wraps and paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Your fresh new paint job or car wrap looks great – and you hope
that it will that way over the years. A perfect way to keep your car
in mint condition, looking like when you bought it, is by applying a
Paint Protection Film (or PPF) here at Tyler Detail!

Where can Paint Protection Film can be

Paint Protection Films can be applied virtually anywhere on your
car, and protect every part of it, including the front bumper, hood,
side view mirrors, door handles, door edges, rocker panels, and
rear fender panels.

paint protection film

Use the form below or call Tyler Detail today to set up a consultation and we’ll see how we can give your car the wrap you’ve always dreamed about.